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  • Nose Rings in other langauges

    Posted by Riche / on 05/02/2010 / 0 Comments

    Today I did some research on the internet about the use of Indian keywords used to search for Nose rings/nose pin. Below are the results;

    Tamil keywords are: mukuthi, mookuthi, mokuthi, mukuthee

    Hindi keywords are: nathni, nathli

    Based on Google search volume the result are as follows;

    Mookuthi: 2400 search per month

    Mukuthi: 1000 search per month

    Mokuthi and mukuthi: not enough data

    Nathli: 1600 per month

    Nathni: 1600 per month

    Although the above mentioned keywords are very low in volume compared to English keywords but this word on on the increase as more Indians doing their shopping online. Do anyone ..

  • Piercing Dilemmas

    Posted by Riche / on 05/02/2010 / 0 Comments

    If you're getting your nose pierced, you're going to face some hiccups along the way... You're visiting grandma. Do you automatically remove the jewelry beforehand? You see your aunt, who is not shy-just like you!-and she asks you to take out your nose ring. Should you? Will you land a job if you wear your nose ring to the interview? You're meeting your boyfriend's family, and you think there's crusty stuff on the bead. How do you-ahem, handle it? Aaarrgh! Your jewelry is sinking into your piercing! What do you do? What if you decide to remove your nose jewelry permanently? ..
  • History of Nose Ring

    Posted by Riche / on 02/19/2010 / 0 Comments


    Nose piercing and nose rings were mentioned in olden manuscripts and Vedic Scripts, which dates back to 6000 years. In the west, nose piercing first appeared among the hippies who traveled to India in the early 1970's. It was later adopted by the Punk movement of the early 1980's as a symbol of rebellion against conservative values and ideals. The Hippies who then traveled to India in a mass scale, specifically to the western coastline and Goa, used to get this novelty items from India. It is said that Ayurvedic (The oldest Vedic scripts that refer to Medicine and part of ..


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