Nose Rings in other langauges

Posted by Riche / on 05/02/2010 / 0 Comments

Today I did some research on the internet about the use of Indian keywords used to search for Nose rings/nose pin. Below are the results;

Tamil keywords are: mukuthi, mookuthi, mokuthi, mukuthee

Hindi keywords are: nathni, nathli

Based on Google search volume the result are as follows;

Mookuthi: 2400 search per month

Mukuthi: 1000 search per month

Mokuthi and mukuthi: not enough data

Nathli: 1600 per month

Nathni: 1600 per month

Although the above mentioned keywords are very low in volume compared to English keywords but this word on on the increase as more Indians doing their shopping online. Do anyone knows the Malay or Indonesian word for Nose ring / nose pin?


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